Mikuni Carburetor Rebuild Kit For HSR48 Smoothbore Carburetors

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Mikuni Carburetor Rebuild Kit For HSR48

Genuine Mikuni

Genuine Mikuni parts properly replace worn or mistreated components for HSR48 carburetors. 

Include top cover gasket, jet needle E-ring and washer, throttle valve seal, pilot air O-ring, fuel joint O-ring, accelerator pump O-ring, needle valve O-ring, needle valve retainer screw, needle valve assembly, float bowl O-ring/gasket, overflow hose, float bowl screws, accelerator pump rod boot.

Includes all the parts needed to rebuild HSR48 carburetors (not for HSR42 or 45)

Fits Harley Davidson and other vehicles fitted with a Mikuni HSR 48 Smoothbore Carburetor

Mikuni part # KHS-031